Who am I

I’m a graphic designer who’s working on an editorial project about the fantastic genre. My passions are writing, translating and bringing order out of chaos (aka editing)


My story: As a teenager, I read and wrote a lot, mostly as a way of addressing my own questions. To study Philosophy seemed perfect at first, but soon I felt overwhelmed by all that thinking about thinking, and shifted to Graphic Design. After graduating, and through my practice, I became skilled in Editorial Design.

My work experience: I’ve worked in diverse environments, but Ediciones Infinito and Aeroespacio magazine stand out. They have lovingly welcomed my eagerness to learn and experiment, encouraging me into different lone publishing ventures.

My projects: As a result of these experiences, thefantasticstory.com was born. It is kind of a publishing house, through which I intend to dive into the fantastic. This was envisioned while doing research on a prior project—a compilation of short stories of my own writing, which at some point I realized would take much more time than I expected.

This is me

This is me at Lenguas Vivas, such a beautiful place!

My studies: I’m not giving up on my writing, though. Moreover, as I take much pleasure in doing it in English, I want it to eventually become bilingual (Spanish is my beloved mother  tongue, I’m Argentinian). I’m aware I need to broaden my knowledge of the language if I want to meet such an ambitious goal. A couple of years ago, I started attending the English Translation course at Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramón Fernández. Parallely, I’m studying Edición at Filo/UBA.

My goal: It took me a while to know what I really wanted to do. To pay the bills, I’ve mostly worked in Editorial Design, which I love. But regarding a project of my own, I was failing at choosing my motivation—was it fame, was it fortune? As life unfolded, I found out I just wanted to feel good and started following the breadcrumb trail of that feeling-good state.