I’m a graphic designer who loves books, and I’m working on an editorial project about the fantastic, my favorite genre

I guess It was my love of writing that led me to study design. As a teenager, I read and wrote a lot, mostly as a way of addressing my own questions; so Philosophy seemed to be the perfect one when it came the time to choose a career. I couldn’t have possibly known how overwhelming all that thinking about thinking would feel, but soon I realized I needed something “lighter” and shifted to Graphic Design. Luckily, this only took me nearer to books and writing.

Once graduated, I only chose projects that were book-related. Despite my change of heart on what career to pursue, the object of my love had never changed. With time and through my practice, I became skilled in Editorial Design. I’ve worked in diverse environments, but Ediciones Infinito and Aeroespacio magazine stand out, for they have lovingly welcomed my eagerness to learn and experiment, encouraging me into different lone publishing ventures.

As a result of these experiences, thefantasticstory.com was born. It is kind of a publishing house through which I intend to dive into the fantastic, and was envisioned while doing research on a prior project—a compilation of short stories of my own writing, which I decided to put on hold for now.

I am not giving up on my writing though. Moreover, I want it to eventually become bilingual. But, born and raised in Argentina*, I obviously needed to broaden my knowledge of English (and Spanish) if I wanted to meet my archi-ambitious goals. Having committed myself entirely to this, I sat for the entrance exam at Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramón Fernández to study English Translation. Today, I’m a first-year student who is willing to excel.

Ultimately, all this effort is fueled by the same quest that kept me awoke at night, reading and writing, when I was young. My daily work is not only based on the pleasure I take in writing or the will to make a good living, it is sustained by my fascination with the  mysteries of life. And I think that’s why I’m attracted to the fantastic, because, if only for a fleeting moment, it opens up a space to let the unknown, the not-yet-recognized, come through and shed its light.

* I was born in Bahía Blanca, but I’ve been living in Buenos Aires since I was old enough to rent my own apartment. Over the years, my love for this city has got totally out of proportion: It makes me want to spend my vacations in it, kiss the ground when I come back from some trip a force myself to take, or cry over a tango imaginarily missing mi Buenos Aires querida.